Top 5 shopping sites of the world


Shopping is necessary for all. Beginning we used to do only offline shopping .But now there are many online platform that providing us best experience of online shopping. Some shopping site gives service only to their origin and some delivering globally.

Sometime it happens you choose a dress from American site or any other site from different region. You select and proceed to place order. It is very disappoint when there is no delivery in your country. Then how you will get those stuffs in your country? So I am going to provide the name of those shopping site  giving  global shipping. 

So if you choose product from online store that belongs to other country , then you have to follow the below list. All sites listed is flexible in their shipping. You can make payment by your credit card . Some also accept  PayPal money.  

Online Stores available Worldwide


1. Amazon


World top online shopping sites is AMAZON.COM. It is very popular in worldwide. Due to its various service and for global available it acquires huge number of customers. It  is widely used for large collection of products. It is available in all top countries. It is internationally available in India, Australia, Germany, Brazil, France,. China, Spain, United kingdom and many more. It is my best online shopping site as its very trust worthy. In this site you can have world top brands in every category. You can buy anything you want in this site.

2. eBay

It is my second best international shopping site, it is eBay. eBay is another platform  where people from different region can have their  service. It is very popular worldwide. It has large collection of products of different range. They giving service globally. Their service is available in India, America, Italy, Korea ,china  and many other countries.

3. Macy’s

It is a large online departmental store originated  from America. It is owned by popular multinational company  of America  Macy’s Inc. In this site you will find  different types of products as dress for both men , women, kids. You can buy top brands of cloths , bags , shoes from this site. It has huge collection of products. They have large number of daily online customer worldwide. They also providing international shipping.


Overstock is another popular international online site. It is very popular for their large collection in different products. They deals in furniture, dress, jewelry and many other. People of all age can choose this site as their online shopping friend. They providing international service and international shipping. They now providing service in India, Brazil, Indonesia, Canada, Australia, France and many more. So from today let do shopping from

5. Toys R Us